We are an independent initiative of citizens who are concerned about the rise of the far-right phenomenon. We are opposed to any rhetoric of hatred and intolerance that challenges the basic principles of equality, respect for human dignity, diversity, freedom and fundamental human rights. We seek to provide a robust response to the spread of racism, nationalism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and other ideas that degrade human dignity.

Open society, democracy and human rights are our core principles. We seek to inform citizens about the dangers posed by the rhetoric and thought of the far-right, the causes of its spread and its consequences. We seek to tackle right-wing extremism with research, publications, training programmes and by raising awareness. We aim to be a part of the public debate and strive to contribute to the development of strategies to tackle right-wing extremism, racism and nationalism.

The Signal for Researching and Confronting the Far Right is a civil non-profit company that operates on the principles of transparency, accountability and independence. We cooperate with relevant bodies in Greece and abroad to promote our goals.

Signal is directed by Kostis Papaioannou and coordinated by Ioanna Meitani. Stevi Kitsou is an associate.

Kostis Papaioannou is a history teacher. He has served as president of Amnesty International Greece, president of the National Commission for Human Rights and secretary-general for human rights in the Greek Ministry of Justice. He cofounded the Racist Violence Recording Network and participated in the coordination of Golden Dawn Watch, which monitored the Golden Dawn trial.

Ioanna Meitani is a translator of German literature. She has worked for the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation–Office in Greece and participated in the coordination of Golden Dawn Watch, which monitored the Golden Dawn trial.

Stevi Kitsou is a lawyer and board member of the Hellenic League for Human Rights. She was an observer of the Golden Dawn trial for Golden Dawn Watch.