Mapping the Greek Far Right

Following the criminal prosecution of Golden Dawn and the conviction of its leadership, the landscape of the far right has been in a state of disarray. Golden Dawn has now been convicted before the courts as a criminal organisation, after it had already collapsed electorally, having lost its parliamentary representation in the summer of 2019, but also internally, being split between the parent organisation of Nikos Michaloliakos and the imitations launched by the previous Golden Dawn deputy leaders, Ioannis Lagos and Ilias Kasidiaris.

The Golden Dawn audience (beyond that of Kyriakos Velopoulos, whose Greek Solution party entered parliament, albeit with smaller percentages) is sought after many far-right parties and formations that, in most cases, range from extremely small to single-person organisations and are often communicating vessels, sometimes announcing mergers and pacts and sometimes splits.

The small Nazi and fascist organisations that – unlike the parent organisation – exist exclusively under the cloak of illegality and try to fill the gap left by the Golden Dawn assault squads, which were withdrawn due to the trial, are similarly communicating vessels.

Here we map this landscape, recording the right-wing initiatives that have been generally active in the past decade. We have separated this landscape into Golden Dawn and its offshoots, which extend to the small extremist organisations of Nazi and fascist orientation, and the parties and formations of the traditional far right.

Despite the existence of all these forms, the fragmentation of the far right after the revelations that arose in the Golden Dawn trial and the fact that part of this ideological space is filled by New Democracy, the ruling liberal-conservative party, a void remains in the far right of the political spectrum that does not preclude the emergence of other aspiring contenders.

Giannis Baskakis

Golden Dawn and its offshoots

Golden Dawn

Unaligned Meandrian Nationalists / Combat 18 Hellas


Autonomous Nationalists


Greek Socialist Resistance (ESA)



The remnants

National Popular Consciousness (Elasyn)

Greeks for the Fatherland


Popular Greek Patriotic Union (Lepen)

Key people

Konstantinos Plevris

Dimitris Zafeiropoulos

Takis Baltakos


Popular Orthodox Rally (Laos)

Greek Solution

Independent Greeks–National Patriotic Alliance (Anel)

New Right

Christian Democratic Party of Greece


Assembly of Greeks