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Simeio Researching & Confronting the Far Right is a Civil Non-Profit Corporation that operates on the principles of transparency, accountability, and independence. We collaborate with relevant agencies in Greece and abroad to promote our goals. Simeio is directed by Kostis Papaioannou and coordinated by Ioanna Meitani. Stevi Kitsou collaborates.


Kostis Papaioannou is an educator. He has been president of the Greek section of Amnesty International, President of the National Committee for Human Rights and General Secretary of Human Rights. He was a co-founder of the Racist Violence Reporting Network and co-coordinated the Golden Dawn Watch.


Ioanna Meitani is a translator of German literature. He worked for the Greek Branch of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and participated in the coordination of the Golden Dawn Watch.


Stevie Kitsou is a lawyer and PhD candidate at Maastricht University, where she examines hate speech on social media through the lens of EU legislation. She was an observer of the Golden Dawn trial with the Golden Dawn Watch (2017-2020) and a member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Union for Human Rights (2017-2021).


Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

The Greek Branch of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation financially supports the operation of Simeio and finances its actions. The Foundation is a key supporter and partner of the Point.

EEA Grants of Active Citizens Fund

The project "Action plan for the recording of hate speech by the organizations of the Network for Recording Incidents of Racist Violence" was implemented in 2022 within the framework of the Active citizens fund program, with Simeio as the implementing body. The Active citizens fund program, amounting to €13.5 million, is financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and is part of the financial mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA) for the period 2014 – 2021, known as EEA Grants. The program aims to strengthen and strengthen the sustainability of civil society and to highlight its role in promoting democratic processes, strengthening citizens' participation in society and defending human rights. The management of the grant of the Active citizens fund program for Greece has been jointly undertaken by the Bodosaki Foundation and SolidarityNow. Read more here:

Open Society Foundations

The Open Society Foundations has financially supported the Point since its launch in 2020, securing resources for our operation and development

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