Simeio school

Dealing with the Far Right is a matter of education, since education is closely linked to the defense of open society and democracy. According to Greek law (article 1 of Law 1566/1985), education should support school children:

a) to become free, responsible, democratic citizens, to defend their country's independence, territorial integrity, and democracy […]

b) […] to gain, through school education, social identity and social conscience […]

c) to develop their creative and critical thinking and the notion of a collective effort and cooperation, so that they can engage in initiatives and assertively contribute, with their responsible participation, to the progress of society and to the development of our country.

Simeio School offers pilot educational material. It is prepared by teachers according to the curricula in various subjects. It concerns several classes/levels of primary and secondary education. The teaching modules can be taught alternatively, alongside textbooks or complementary to these.

Modern Greek language, religious studies, history, civics and social studies are subjects appropriate for talking about racism, sexism, intolerance, homophobia, discrimination, Nazism and fascism. Several approaches are presented interdisciplinary, through research projects, group activities, role-playing games and workshops.

We aim at constantly enriching and testing this material in classroom, with the contribution of our teachers’ network.

The material is in Greek; the titles are translated into English.